Runner’s High Local Legends

We are proud to announce that nominations for our
Runner’s High Local Legends 2021 Ambassador Program are now OPEN!

What does it mean to be a Local Legend?
To us, a Local Legend is someone that motivates and does good within the local community. Perhaps they themselves have overcome challenges, and their story has motivated you in some way. A Local Legend inspires, and lifts up those around them.

Who qualifies as a Local Legend?
Simple answer: anyone. A Local Legend isn’t just a front of the packer, or the fastest runner to toe the line. They can be a coach, a teacher, a friend or training partner. The list goes on.

The Goal:
Our goal as a locally owned business is to better the communities we reside in. The┬áRunner’s High Local Legends Ambassador Program aims to raise awareness of those individuals within the local community that stand for good, tell their stories and amplify their voices.

The Process:
– Nominations for the Runner’s High Local Legends 2021 Ambassador Program will be open between 2/7 – 2/14.
– All nominations can be submitted here.
– After the submission period is over, our committee will review the nominees and select six Runner’s High Local Legends for 2021.
– Candidates must be nominated by another individual – there are no self nominations considered.

The Rollout:
Once the six Local Legends have been selected, each will be featured in their own Runner’s High Local Legends Spotlight – a video or blog write up produced by our team – over the course of 2021.

Questions or comments? We are all ears.
Feel free to e-mail us at

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