Product Review: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 & Levitate


Two new Brooks shoes have launched this month – the redesigned Adrenaline GTS 18, and the all-new Levitate.  Let’s jump in and dissect both!!

The Adrenaline GTS 18
Now in its 18th version, the Adrenaline GTS is feeling and looking better than ever before. With the same trusted cushion and support runners have grown to love, plus a new, streamlined look, the latest edition of this industry favorite won’t disappoint.

IMG_1523The Upper
One word.


The upper to the Adrenaline 18 is where you’ll find the biggest changes to one of the industry’s most popular stability shoes.  The introduction of a brand new engineered mesh upper offers modernized look, but while maintaining that patented Adrenaline fit. The removal of overlays and stitching provides a generous fit through the toe box, in addition to cutting down on the likelihood of blisters or irritation.

We liked the 17, but we were darn near blown away by the changes found in the 18 upper.

The Midsole
Minor tweaks to the midsole make a good thing even better. A softer cushioning material, combined with increased flexibility, results in the smoothest feel to date. Designed for that runner that needs a bit more support, the 18th edition of the Adrenaline still utilizes both a dual density midsole, along with a diagonal rollbar for a touch more structure throughout the arch.


The Outsole
Slight changes to the outsole are going to go a long with the 18th edition of the Adrenaline.  Brooks removed the rubber pod components from the outsole found in the prior versions of the Adrenaline. This should help cut down on peeling and up the durability factor.

The Who
The Brooks Adrenaline GTS line has been one of the industry’s most popular stability shoes for the last number of years, so there are a number of foot types, body types and activities that the Adrenaline works for.  Looking for a solid workhorse trainer that is going to go the miles? The Adrenaline 18 fits the bill.

Tech Specs
: 10.0 oz (Men) / 8.6 oz (Women)
Geometry: 12mm heel to toe offset
MSRP: $120.00

The Levitate
Experience infinite energy with the all-new Levitate! This brand new model from Brooks will have you bouncing off the roads at mile 1 or 500.  Let’s take a look…

IMG_1520The Upper
Brooks’ new Fit Knit upper technology provides a more customized experience as it expands seamlessly with your foot while you run. This sock-like fit is designed to lock down the foot, while accommodating all different types of feet.

The Midsole
The BIG story behind the Levitate is the midsole.  Brooks’ brand spankin’ new midsole called DNA Amp is a polyurethane base encased in a 0.3mm TPU shell that focuses on returning energy.  Think similar to the materials used in BOOST shoes by adidas, or Saucony’s EVERUN, as opposed to traditional EVA midsoles found in more conventional training shoes.

With that being said, the Levitate is a shoe that is going to last the miles from a durability standpoint, but also from a weight prospective. Checking in at 9.7 oz on the women’s side, and 11.2 oz on the men’s side, the Levitate has got some beef to it, so whether you are training for a 5k or a marathon, the Levitate is going to stand up to the challenge.


The Outsole
While a little on the beefy side, the Levitate still maintains solid flexibility via the outside. A unique arrow-pointed pattern helps you move from heel to toe quickly, without wasting energy.

IMG_1521The Who
The Levitate is designed as a neutral shoe – created for those with a bit more of a stable arch. That said, this shoe is built to go the miles. As mentioned earlier, the Levitate could be used as an every day go to training shoe for those running anything from the 5k to the marathon.

Tech Specs
: 11.2 oz (Men) / 9.7 oz (Women)
Geometry: 8mm heel to toe offset
MSRP: $150.00

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