Oiselle Summer Preview

IMG_2997Hello everyone! Becky Younger coming to you from New Orleans Louisiana. I am a member of the Runner’s High racing team and have been for the past few years. I’m a 4x marathon runner and currently coached by the infamous Craig Segal. As the summer heat takes over the south, I am working on maintaining my running fitness in hopes for some fall racing and my next marathon in April.

As the High’s resident birdbrain and Oiselle Volée team member I will be sharing my love for all things Oiselle, including what RH is currently carrying in their shops. On my recent trip home to beautiful NJ, I took in all the products the Freehold location had on display. Oiselle’s current line is full of beautiful cool colors as well as a very patriotic red, white, and blue, just in time for the Olympic Trials next month. The fabrics continue to amaze me with their stylish designs, sweat-wicking capability, and butter like lux that you want to roll around in for hours.

Along the front wall sits the beautiful deep blue Go Tank. I have had one of these since they first came out a year ago and it is one of my favorite tanks to wear around the hot summer nights. The fabric is so light you don’t feel as though you are wearing a shirt at all and the loose fit allows for great airflow around your torso. Just beneath the tank is the Mini Fancy Stride Shorts; a favorite of the elites, these shorts are beautiful. Each season they come out with unique prints that fit snug to your body with very minimal riding up. The stride shorts come in this tiny length, a medium fit which is just longer than the length of Nike Pros, and a long length, great for biking or if you’re sick of suffering through your thighs clapping you along all run long. I personally wear the medium length “Stride Shorts” for my track sessions and feel super fierce! They not only look good but they stay put!IMG_2992

The Okuni Tank (pictured above) in burgen is a perfect match for these stride shorts. The fabric is super soft and has just the right amount of tightness along the sides. This would be a great top for running and wearing on the go. The Moto Trackion Bra is a long-standing design for Oiselle. The middle pleats allow for a loose fit and the thickness of the straps helps to spread out weight. This was the first time I had tried it on and loved that I only felt significant compression around the elastic band.

IMG_4403The sidewall is covered in a splash of red, white, and blues. The crew has put together a perfect display, representing Oiselle’s patriotic theme for 2016. In the backdrop of this set up is the Nest’s “Flyte” collection. Beautiful birds cascade across tanks and long sleeves with the right amount of compression, minus the seams. I have both of these pieces in different colors but they are a go to in the summer and winter months. Each season the colors of this collection become more and more beautiful. I recommend buying both pieces. The tank it not only great in the summer but I would wear it as a base layer during long training runs when living in western New York 2 years ago. The material pulls the sweat off your body so the fabric is wet and not your skin.

Standing front and center is the beautiful “Rio Red” pattern. Here is falls on a Hi-Ten Bra and Roga shorts. The Roga shorts are a favorite of many birds; I myself have a bit more real estate behind me and am not crazy about the half compression/half loose fit of these shorts. But please give them a try! I think I’m the only bird I know that does not like these shorts. A pair of long Stride Shorts sneaks in along the right side with an Endorphine Hoodie. Which is a perfect transition into an older display RH has up.

IMG_2994I pulled a few pieces from the sale rack to match up with the Gilman Vest I want to start by saying a vest?? How dorky. But this vest is not dorky in the least! This vest has been my savior. Are you trying to tackle a run when it’s raining or super windy but to hot or humid to wear a windbreak jacket? Gilman Vest to the rescue! Once arriving back in New Orleans after winter break, I wore this vest nearly every day. It kept my body dry and warm with my arms free to swing as far as they please. Next time you’re in the High, grab this vest, swipe your credit card, and never look back.

Here I paired the vest with a super soft and warm Endorphine Long Sleeve and the classic Lesley Knickers. These tights come out every year and get better and better with each update. They are snug but fit perfectly in all the right places.

IMG_2999Upon entering the shop, laying across the beautiful wood tables in another classic collection of Oiselle goods. Available in ‘black’ and ‘Rio Red’, the Flyte Shorts has zero seams and feel like they’re not even there. Now, they are not very forgiving, but if you are looking for a lightweight short for yoga or pilates, go for it! Paired with the super soft Satellite Tank, you’ve got the perfect post run lounge wear for those lazy Saturdays. The Satellite is just one in the Nest’s series of tank tops. Check out the tanks section on the website and you will see an array of colors ranging from bold prints to subtle designs. Looks like the crew snuck in another Flyte tank on the corner of the table in very Spring-like green.

IMG_2991During my visit I got to take a look at the upcoming collection from Oiselle. All I have to say is get your wallet ready cause they’re coming in with a whole lot of stunning pieces. If you’re looking for amazing clothes that make you feel fit and fierce all while being created by a group of empowering women, look no further than Oiselle, currently sold at both Runner’s High locations.

All for now!
– Becky

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