How to Participate in Global Running Day

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Today, June 6th, many people are taking to the streets and trails to revive their passion for running in honor of Global Running Day! It is also an excellent time for non-runners to make small changes on improving their love-hate relationship with running to a love-dislike relationship. Perhaps you made a New Years Resolution to train for your first 5K or half marathon. Maybe you’re more health conscious and want to spice up your exercise regimen. Maybe you’ve recently gone through a break up and want that summer body to flaunt in front of your ex. Regardless of the circumstance, running CHANGES LIVES. So on Global Running Day, step into your local running store to try on different running shoes, seek new stretches or foam rolling techniques, or find a group run you can join in on. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Making a small change starts with one step. And in this case, so does running.


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After someone stole her bicycle from the beach, Grace began running the streets to make up for time lost walking. A Freehold native, she began running more competitively when she moved to Orlando, where she also worked in run specialty and began assistant coaching at a local high school. Although her heart belongs in New Jersey, Grace still brings the heat whether it’s writing, running, or chasing after her rescue dog, Bruce. Her knowledge hails from different places and experiences, but continues to shine on the floor at Runner’s High.

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