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Group Runs

Here at Runner’s High, we recognize that running with people can enhance your experience when out pounding the pavement. At both of our locations, we offer our patrons access to our weekly group runs. Newcomers and veterans of any distance and paces are all welcome to attend. Just show up with your shoes!

  • Freehold Fall Series Group Runs – Monday/7PM – Every Monday from 9/9-11/11 we will host our Fall Series Group Runs for all ability levels.  Runs will generally range between 3-5 miles, however individuals can go as long or as short, fast or slow as needed! This free run series will be hosted by Runner’s High staffer Pete Forgach (lower photo), who has a long history of distance running.  Pete has completed multiple marathons, after competing at Red Bank Catholic and Monmouth University.For a bit of motivation, those that attend 5 or more of the Freehold group runs will receive a $25 gift card to put towards their favorite pair of kicks!
  • Metuchen Group Run Series – Thur/7PM – Every Thursday until 10/31, Brand Ambassador Mike Mooney (top picture) will host group runs from our Metuchen location.  All abilities are welcomed to this free run series and is no cost to a participants! Runs typically are anywhere between 4-6 miles but we will go as long/short, fast/slow as needed!
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