108 to Boylston: v2

1_15_1682 days and counting.

And while I look out the window to see 2+ feet of snow on the ground, I am excited by the prospects of late April – you can’t tell from the photo to the left.

I’ve tried to take a different approach to this build up.  Instead of looking at the time I have as an endless three month block of training, I’ve tried to segment it into days and weeks. What is the goal for the week? What can I do today to get me to that goal?

That is because every day is an opportunity. A chance to build confidence and progress fitness. Brick by brick.  And while yes, some days can prove to be more challenging than others, it is all part of the process. The weather. The slush and ice. The cold so sharp you can feel the nerves in your teeth. The obstacles and the daily grind of training this time of year only makes the payoff at the end that much more valuable.

IMG_2311It is about challenging yourself. Seeing how far you can push both your physical and mental limits.  Without small, measurable goals it is easy to get lost in the doldrums of marathon training. I see it all too often, and even within my own training over the last few years.  Every day should have a box to check. Every week, a goal. Every month, a step towards the ‘big picture’.

For me, the biggest challenge of this build up won’t be the weather. It won’t be the countless miles and grinding workouts.  I’ve been there before.  For me, it will be giving up control.  For the first time in a long time I’ve sought the expertise of a coach. Not just any coach, but one of my old high school coaches. While I like to think I know myself pretty well at this point, I feel as though I’m in need of a different viewpoint and someone to hold me accountable.  It isn’t that I’m lazy, I’m just in search of a structured plan.  At this point, at 31 years of age, I’m in need for a good kick in the rear every once in awhile.

There is something pretty darn powerful when you buy into a plan and execute.

For now, The Grind continues and Boylston awaits.

– Craig


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